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From a pizza set to a smoke diffusor

Make your Bob smile, and add one of our professional designed and custom made accessories. All accessories can be combined with one another, so you are always prepared for any grilling event that comes your way.

Pellet container Pro

Are you planning to use your Bob as a smoker for long hours? Especially for that purpose, we designed the perfect accessory; The pellet container Pro has a 15lbs. capacity will considerably extend the duration of your Bob for grilling and smoking.

While your standard pellet container has a 4.4lbs. capacity and lasts up to 2 hours, the pellet container Pro will allow you to operate the Bob for over 7 hours without having to refill pellets. You can stop the pellet supply at any time by activating the integrated stop valve.

Pellet Container Pro

Material 1.5 mm glass bead-blasted stainless steel (304 V2A)
Capacity 15lbs. pellets
Special features Viewing slot for quality control, stop valve
Article number 2004
Suggested retail price $489.00

Power diffusor

For the power grillers! If you grill large quantities of food at high temperatures, and the lid is going to be open often, you could probably use a bit more power. Our power diffusor, which increases the temperature over 120 °F on the grate, is perfect for you. If you need the power diffusor only for special occasions, is easy to change back and forth to the universal diffusor.

Power diffusor

Material 1.5 mm glass bead-blasted stainless steel (304 V2A)
Benefits Up to 120 °F more on the grate
Article number 2005
Suggested retail price $169.00

Smoke diffusor

Our smoke diffusor is the perfect tool for all our smoker fans. To get rid of direct heat, you just change out the universal diffusor for the smoke diffusor. This way, 90% of the grill grate will be on indirect heat, preventing undesired cooking by direct heat radiation.

Smoke diffusor

Material 1.5 mm glass bead-blasted stainless steel (304 V2A)
Benefits Increases the indirect heat grill surface to 90% of the grate
Article number 2006
Suggested retail price $139.00

Pizza set

Bob is perfect to bake pizzas at high temperatures given its enormous temperature range that can go up to 930 °F. To bake the perfect pizza, we designed a custom-cut, high-quality, cordierite pizza set that can compete with any original Italian fire wood pizzeria. The pizza shovel is perfectly suited to maneuver very thin, Italian-style pizza dough.

Pizza stone and pizza shovel

Material 1.5 mm glass bead-blasted stainless steel (304 V2A) cordierite
Benefits Perfect baking on the maximum surface
Special features Original pizza shovel included
Article number 2007
Suggested retail price $299.00

Warming rack

Are you in need of more grill space? Would you like to prepare steaks and burgers at the same time as more temperature sensitive food like vegetables or burger rolls? The warming rack increases the grill area of your Bob by about 30% by integrating a second floor.

Warming Rack

Material 1.5 mm glass bead-blasted stainless steel (304 V2A)
Benefits Keeps your grilled food warm and allows you to simultaneously grill different types of food. It increases the grill area by about 30%
Article number 2008
Suggested retail price $249.00

Pellet bucket and shovel

Two of the most important rules when grilling with pellets

  • Always have enough pellets in your stock
  • Pellets must always be stored in a dry place.

Stay on the safe side, and use our zinc bucket and lid to store your pellets. One bag of our pellets fits perfectly in the bucket with the lid, so your pellets always stay dry. The small shovel helps you fill the pellet container as needed.

Pellet bucket and shovel

Material Zinc coated plate (bucket) and aluminum (shovel)
Benefits Dry storage of 22lbs. pellets
Article number 2009
Suggested retail price $39.00