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This is what customers and BBQ pros are saying about our pellet grills

"Cool! I'm as happy as a kid at Christmas :-)" Stefan K. - Switzerland

"Our new darling arrived on Friday at around 3 pm. I am amazed by the function and design, excellent workmanship... We tried it out all weekend! Rump steaks on Friday, gilthead and tiger prawns on Saturday and Sunday, smoked lake trout. It was a crazy decision, but good one!" Kerstin A. - Germany

"I wouldn't trade Bob for anything. Turned him on at 5:30, cut the veggies, marinated the meat. 6:00 put the veggies on. 6:15 put the meat on. Ate at 6:30. Wow, what an amazing grill!" Jörg E. - Germany

"Up until a half hour ago, I didn't even know that this kind of an ultimate, awesome and "absolutely must-have" grill even existed. This grill is so incredible!" Sebastian G. - Germany

"This time I'm going to skip the praise, because you already know how stoked I am about my/your grill." Klaus M.P. - Germany

"We just wanted to say thanks for sending the air-jet cleaning tool and tell you that the grill is now working perfectly! Yesterday we could finally get grilling after what seemed like endless rain :-) The weather was fantastic, everything worked out great and our food was simply the best! Thanks for your expert help!" Bruno T. - Switzerland

"Colossal Multi-talent" - "Big Boy with Lots of Power" BEEF, issue 03/2015

"Yesterday, I couldn't wait to get started and I tested out my Bob right away with bratwursts and other meats. For not having really prepared and and it being the "first" time and all, we were really totally impressed..." Mr. B. - Germany

"I am still extremely satisfied and the Bob works perfectly..." Klaus P. - Germany

"The Grillson works great! I am very satisfied and I have already recommended it to a lot of friends." Werner H. - Austria

"Bob is absolutely awesome! - Bob is doing extremely well: he is exceptional! The temperature control is the best I have ever seen. I have cooked pizza, beef, lamb, smoked pork spare ribs and drumsticks. They all turned out exceptional with a hint of smoke. So with all that, Bob has had a good workout over a good heat range. - Very happy!" Jim V. - Australia

"Man, man, man! This grill is really a lot of fun! A man's domain - not at all! The times are a changin'... ;-)" Christine K. - Germany

"Grillvolution!" Ralf S. - Germany

"Grilling with Bob is so much fun and the results are excellent! Getting everything up and running, including the Wi-Fi connection, was easy to understand and also to do myself. I got the feeling right away that this grill is the result of great planning excellent design." Bruno P. - Switzerland

"Delicious! It sizzles and tastes wonderful." Matthias H. - Switzerland

"Ingenious device! It'll take the place of honor on our new patio!" Karlheinz Hauser - Germany

"Test result: 'very good (A),' 14 grills tested" DER FEINSCHMECKER (THE GOURMET)- Bookazine No. 24: Grilling for Connoisseurs

"A Bentley with Hybrid-Power - noble & advanced!" Andreas Rummel - Culinary Infotainment

"A very innovative pellet grill!" Stephan Otto - Otto Gourmet CEO

"Perfection in Design & Function. A Superlative Grill!" Fire & Food - The Grill- & Barbecue Magazine, 2/2010

"If Apple built a grill, this is probably what it would look like." arktis.de, 06/2011

"I love this grill. It's almost a sin, grilling on such a wonderful device." Patrick Leverty - MN, USA, 09/2011

"It is the BMW of grills." gearpatrol.com, 02/2011

"Unbelievable what this grill got our of my steak. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed such flavor from the grill." Frank Schellhorn, 04/2011

"A great pleasure to be able to work on such a perfect grill." Tobias Sudhoff - cabaret artist and cook book author, 04/2011

"Attractive design, high functionality, typical barbecue flavor. A grill for all five senses!" Marc Spaller, 04/2011

"The grill was very impressive." Jude K M Hopkins, Senior Director, Marriott International Inc.

"The grill is amazing." Johnnie Frankel - President, Rattling Stick / London

"Looks like a super product. Attention to all details." Chuck Wisniewski - Lake Elsinore / USA

"If Apple and Ikea got together to build a grill, then we think that this would be the result. Bob Grillson combines the best design and function in an impressive grill." gadgetfeast.com

"A grill for an extraordinary grilling experience." stupidDOPE.com

"I love your grill." Jeff Nelson - Saint James / USA

"This is the coolest pellet grill that I've ever seen." Kevin Kirk - Klamath Falls / USA

"We came across your website and were fascinated by your grills." Frank Generoso - NYC / USA

"It is a beautiful product!" Mike Ferguson - USA

"What a grand looking grill, finally no more gas!" David Giezekamp - Director, Callagher Real Estate Agent, Australia

"The grill (that we've lovingly named Fauchi) is a fixed part of our weekly plans. Whether it's baking bread or even cakes - it's in use every week (even in winter). It's really just so much fun working with the grill and the results are fantastic." Wolfgang W. - Germany

"The big advantage of a Grillson is that the burner and the flame don't sit right under the grill grates. With this design, as opposed to other grills, you can clean it with the pyrolysis function and then brush/scrape the dust/ashes into the ash receptacle underneath. Done... everything perfectly hygienic." Dirk B. - Germany

"I've already had two pellet smokers. The Grillson was the third. Yours is in a league of its own!" Stefan B. - Germany

"The grill is so great that I need another one with the same configuration please." Felix O. - Germany

"Thank you very much for the mega-service. Simply fantastic." Mike N. - Switzerland

"I had a some problems, because I didn't use the right pellets. The grill went out and had extreme fluctuations in temperature. I have now tested it with your original pellets and go figure - works like a charm!" Sven G. - Germany

"Grilling is so much fun now and the results are phenomenal!" Stefan K. - Germany

"Thanks for the quick and completely competent answer! I noticed right away that the people working there are dedicated and have extensive technical knowledge. Keep it up!" Alexander H. - Germany

"The Grillson is a real joy to use and I've already given some cuts of meat the pleasure of experiencing the cozy warmth of the smoker setting :-) I haven't regretted this purchase for a second!" Stefan K. - Switzerland

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