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Bob Grillson Premium - the worlds first grill with app control!

Pelletgrill mit App-Steuerung

Leif und Bob sind premium - Hightech made in Germany

With our Bob Grillson Premium you have full control over all important grill functions from your smartphone. The dashboard displays:

  • Actual and desired temperature in the grill room
  • Actual and desired temperature for two meat thermometers
  • Timer
  • Status of the Wi-Fi connection, pellet capacity and cleaning mode

After starting the grill you are able to set the desired temperature, so you can focus on preparing the rest of your meal. The app will automatically notify you once the set temperature is reached. To ensure that you always reach the perfect cooking point, we have integrated two meat thermometers that will notify you when the perfect temperature is reached. No matter the doneness of your choosing, medium, medium-rare or rare - it is guaranteed to be perfectly grilled; you shine without constantly watching the grill.

Now you can succeed with longer cooking, e.g. pulled pork or roast beef, without constantly babysitting the grill. All the desired values will be set via the smartphone app, and the integrated timer will alert you when your food is ready.

Always in control

A push notification will be send to your phone if Bob runs out of pellets. After every BBQ you can comfortably activate the self-cleaning function using your phone. That will cause Bob to heat up to 930 °F and will thoroughly clean the grill in the hygienic method known as pyrolysis.

Wi-Fi connection

For your convenience, your Bob is equipped with a state of the art Wi-Fi module. This Wi-Fi module allows you, with just a few easy clicks on your phone, to connect Bob to your home network. The connection is always safe and password protected, and when necessary, you are able to easily change the configuration details to always ensure a stable network connection.

Pellet grill with Wi-Fi

Total control

Bob ensures that you are always aware and in control by sending alerts to your phone via the Bob Grillson app, email, or push notifications.

Meat thermometers and ramping function

With the purchase of your Grillson, you receive two meat thermometers, used to measure the internal temperatures of your grilled food. The thermometers ensure that your steak, chicken, or roast beef turn out perfectly every time! The reason we give you two thermometers instead of one, is so you are able to cook, and serve, medium and medium-rare steaks at the same time. The use of the meat thermometers will guarantee that your meat is always cooked to the highest level of precision. We have also integrated a ramping function that reduces the heating power of the grill right before your meat reaches your desired temperature. The ramping function helps you to prevent overcooking, so your meal is finished just the way you like it.

How Bob Grillson works

The wooden pellets fall through the pellet funnel and into the burning chamber made of solid, fireproof, stainless steel. The pellets are then positioned directly on top of the burner grille, ready to be processed. While the nozzle produces a constant air stream underneath the burner grill, the suction creates an under pressure at the burner grille.

The burning pellets produce wood gas. The under pressure then sparks the wood gas, which is fired through the diffusor and into the grill room.

Bob produces convection heat, very similar to what is produced in your kitchen oven. The burner fires up to 5 gal. of hot air per minute into the grill room at a temperature of up to 2370 °F. This process heats the diffusor and produces less radiation, while continuing to produce more convection heat.

  1. Pellet funnel: the pellets are refilled by gravity.
  2. The firebedof wood pellets produces wood gas.
  3. A grill rost holds the firebed.
  4. The main nozzle produces an air current that aspirates the wood gas and burns it.
  5. Fire radiates from the burnerto the diffusor.
  6. The diffusor produces radiation and convection heat in the grill area.
  7. Radiation heat is delivered from the diffusor directly to the grill area.
  8. Convection heat circulates in the grill area.
  9. The grill grate is heated up in an indirect and even way.
  10. The subshell: fat and other residues drain off on the inclined surface.
  11. The fat collection basin is a removable drawer that you can easily empty.
  12. Two meat thermometers help you obtain perfect grill results.
  13. Wi-Fi: Bob connects with your smart phone via the local Wi-Fi network.
  14. Your smart phone can control all the basic grill functions.

Temperature control

There are two different ways to operate and set the temperature for your Bob; you can either use the knob directly on the grill itself, or you may use your smartphone app to set your target temperature. When you set the desired temperature, Bob then controls the actual temperature by using an internal thermostat.

Pellet grill - thermostat

Heat-up time

Bob is ready to be used as a smoking device after only 5 minutes. Then, after only 10 minutes, Bob is ready to start barbecuing. From start to finish, it only takes 20 minutes for Bob to reach over 570 °F, the perfect temperature for searing steaks. To be on the safe side, using environmentally friendly food-grade wood pellets Bob Grillson is even faster ready to enjoy your grill session as of using natural gas, charcoal or wood.

Heat up time pellet grill

Self-cleaning using pyrolysis

Bob Grillson uses a process of pyrolysis, similar to many modern kitchen appliance ovens. When you want to clean your grill, you simply activate a self-cleaning function. By either clicking a button on your phone, or turning the knob on your grill, Bob heats up to 930 °F for between 10 and 30 minutes to completely sanitize and clean the grill room. Fat and other residues on the grill grates and in the grill room will burn to ashes. You can then easily brush the ashes into the fat and ashtray, and you have a perfectly clean grill every time you are ready to cook again. No hassle, no worry!

Pellet grill - self-cleaning by pyrolysis

*An Android App is on it’s way, but for now, Android users are able to use a web app with email notifications.

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