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High-End Grill Made in Hannover

High-end grilling in style and that classic, smoky deliciousness you get from grilling and barbecuing – that is our passion! Back in 2010, we unveiled a high-end product to the barbecue elite in the form of our Bob Grillson wood pellet grill. Right on time for the 2014 grill season, we rolled out a Made in Germany world premiere that was developed and produced here in Hannover.

Grillson Premium grill

Bob Grillson Premium is the first grill in the world that can be remotely controlled via iPhone! With the Grillson app, you can see and control the current temperature(s), because with the two, integrated meat thermometers you also know the exact temperature of your food(s) on the grill. Forget about wasting time, babysitting the grill – a definite plus when you’re smoking, slow-roasting or grilling in the winter.

From a Passion to a Business Idea

Since 2009, we have developed our passion for grilling into a successful business idea: People who love grilling hate having to deal with a messy, complicated and time-consuming procedure every time they’re in the mood for that special flavor. The standard solution: the gas grill, the bestselling high-end grills over recent years. Although with a gas grill, the feeling and flavour of real grilling gets lost somehow. When we at Grillson came to this conclusion, we decided we had to do something. Our goal was to create a grill that fulfilled not only the demands for healthy grilling, safety, convenience and mobility, but at the same time also delivered the traditional smoky flavor that you expect from barbecuing on a grill.

High-End Grill Bob Grillson

With the acquisition of a patent, we went with wood pellet technology, which still wasn’t very widespread in Germany. Nevertheless, wood pellets are becoming more popular in Germany as a renewable fuel for heating systems. For this reason, pellets made from suitable woods provide an environmentally-friendly fuel for grilling. They can also maintain steady temperatures that enable everything from smoking to baking. Best of all, the woods provide a variety of natural aromas.

In 2009, we literally started as a garage company. Even the living room of our founder and current business manager was used as a storage area. He and his family were sharing their house with up to seven grills at one point. Only after this obsession finally turned into a fulltime job, the company moved into a former railway building in the Hannover-Leinhausen district where we now have eleven employees.

After a development phase of 20 months, we had put together an innovative design with the highest quality materials and, with its patented burner technology, we were getting culinary results that rivalled the world’s best grills. Bob Grillson was born.

Today, we’re not only proud to present Bob Grillson Premium to you, the first smartgrill in the world, but as of the 2016 grill season, we can also present you with Leif Grillson, the newest member of the Grillson family!

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