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Pellet grillls

Performance and Advantages

Smoker, grill, pizza oven & searing station - four grills in one

With the Bob Grillson and Leif Grillson pellet grills, you can warm smoke like in an American smoker at 200 °F to 250 °F (100 °C bis 120 °C) or barbecue at 250 °F to 350 °F (120 °C bis 180 °C). Grilling like on a quality gas grill from 350 °F to 600 °F (180 °C bis 320 °C) is no problem. Even baking pizza like in an Italian stone oven at 750 °F (400 °C) is no all in a day's work for Bob. At 925 °F (500 °C), you can sear your steaks to seal in the flavor before smoking them at a lower temperature until they reach the perfect temperature.

Grill, Smoker, Pizza Oven

Worldwide premiere: app control

The Bob Grillson Premium model is the first grill in the world that you can control remotely with your iPhone. Connect your iPhone. Over an integrated WLAN antenna, this Smartgrill connects with your smartphone and can be operated with the Grillson app. No more baby-sitting your grill! With the app, you can monitor and control all current and desired temperatures, the timer with its alarm function settings, pump pressure and the pellets fill level. Even the self-cleaning mode can be activated.

Easy operation

Switch it on and set the desired performance. Only two dials make operating Bob and Leif child's play. Through the use of the automatic temperature control your results are perfect every time.

Pellet grill operation

The US version of Bob Grillson is produced with a Fahrenheit scale and lid thermometer.

Healthy grilling with no risk of grease fires

Based on our patented burner technology and the special of the grill's interior, Bob and Leif always grill indirectly at all temperatures. In the process, 3/4 of the grill surfaces is not directly over the heat source, but still are still heated at 100% efficiency. Steaks and other quickly grilled foods will come out medium and crispy, without suffering unhealthy fat burns, but with the flavor of grilling over real wood!

Evenly distributed temperatures through convection and radiant heat

Bob and Leif's diffusor inside the grill diffuses radiant heat and produces convection like in a convection oven. In this way, the food is cooked evenly from all sides. This is how your foods, even seared foods, stay very juicy.

Top-quality construction and choice materials

Grillson grills are not just a consumer good, Grillson grills are an investment! Galvanized, powder-coated steel sheet, glass bead blasted and electropolished stainless steel (rustproof) and brushed stainless steel, solid, oiled bamboo sideboard, porcelain-enameled cast iron grill grates and many additional hand-crafted finishings make Bob and Leif grills that will stand up to the test of time.

Pellet funnel

Family-friendly, year-round grilling through the insulated grill interior

Strong winds or freezing temperatures don't bother Bob and Leif. Thanks to their insulated interiors, you can also grill perfectly in the winter. How about having a goose for Christmas, roasted on your wood-fired grill? With its weather-proof, yet breathable cover, these boys can stay outside in any weather. The insulated lid also considerably reduces the risk of fires.

With its childproof lid and solid construction, Bob and Leif let you enjoy a relaxed grilling experience with the whole family. The wooden pellets are a clean, safe and also a very child-friendly fuel.

In the following pages, you will find out everything you need to know about the models, design, technology, enjoyment and accessories of our Bob Grillson, Bob Grillson Premium and Lief Grillson pellet grills.

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