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Pellet Grill Models

Leif Grillson and Bob Grillson Premium

Discover our new models and get mesmerized by a real world Premiere! You can choose between two models of our pellet grill.

Pellet grill Leif Grillson

Leif Grillson starts the season with the highest "Made in Germany" standards. Its performance features are:

  • Smoker from 200 °F - 300 °F
  • BBQ from 300 °F - 650 °F
  • Bake pizza at 750 °F
  • Clean mode by pyrolysis at 930 °F
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Automatic start
  • 8.5 kW / 29,000 BTU power (with our patented wood pellet burner)

Pellet grill Bob Grillson 2014 Premium with app control

The big brother Bob Grillson Premium has some extra-added value:

  • App remote control (iOS and Andorid)
  • WiFi connectivity
  • 13 kW / 44,000 BTU power
  • Optional car battery operating mode
  • Two meat thermometers

Model comparison

  Leif Grillson Bob Grillson Premium
Suggested retail price $2,990.00

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  Leif Grillson Bob Grillson Premium
Power 8.5 kW / 29,000 BTU 13 kW / 44,000 BTU
Battery operation mode No Yes
Tool holder No Yes
Wi-Fi No Yes (Ad hoc / Client)
App control (iOS) / Android** No Yes
Dashboard No Yes
Grill (Actual / Set)
2 x Meat thermometers (Actual / Set)
Timer (Actual / Set)
Pump status (Actual)
Pressure (Actual)
Grill status (Actual)
Pellet capacity (Ok / Empty)
Clean mode (Actual)
Control No

Grill (Set)
2 x Meat thermometers (Set)
Meat Thermometer ramping (On / Off)
Timer (Set / Start / Stop)
Clean mode (On / Off)
Multi-grill Control

Meat thermometer No Yes (2 x)
Thermometer Yes Yes
Grill grates Casted iron and enameled with delta profile
Clean mode Yes (930 °F)
Temperature control Automatic (210 °F - 805 °F)
Automatic ignition Yes
Technical data
  Leif Grillson Bob Grillson Premium
Grill surface 373 in 2 (22.6 x 16.5 in)
Working height 37.4 in
Head room 8 in
Connection for power supply 110 - 120 V AC 60 Hz / 1 A
Power consumption Ø 30 - 50 W
Material 1.5 mm 304 stainless steel, glass-bead blasted / zinc- and powder-coated steel sheet / massive oiled bamboo
Hood Double walled and insulated
Colors Pure white / oasis lime or deep black / anthracite
Dimensions (H x L x W) 46.5 x 41.5 x 21.1 in (lid closed, no deposit surface) /
58.7 x 52.8 x 23.0 in (lid open, with deposit surface)
Weight 265lbs.
Shipment dimension (H x L x W) 51.2 x 44.5 x 31.5 in
Shipment weight ca. 350lbs. (incl. Pellets)
Delivered items Pellet Container: 4.5lbs. capacity / cover / table / 20lbs. Grillson Premium Barbecue Pellets - oak


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