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Wood Pellets

Pellets - a Question of Taste

The question of which pellets are the right fuel for our Lief or Bob is a question of personal taste. This is why we offer eight different varieties that you can buy directly in our online shop.


Oak Pellets

Our standard variety for full performance made of 100% debarked oak. Our oak pellets are best suited for all of your high-temperature grilling needs. Thanks to the debarking, the smoke's flavor is discreet, yet aromatic.

Applewood Pellets

Made of 60% debarked red oak and 40% apple wood with bark. The fruity-flavored smoke pairs well with pork and chicken.

Maple Pellets

Made of 60% debarked red oak and 40% maple with bark. Sweet and mild smoke that pairs well with pork and beef.

Hickory Pellets

Made of 60% debarked red oak and 40% hickory with bark. Classic smoky flavor of the American BBQ. Foods on your grill take on a bacony flavor. For this reason, it pairs very well with pork, beef and chicken. Hickory is a tree in the walnut family and is found primarily in the USA.

Cherry Pellets

Made of 60% debarked red oak and 40% cherry wood with bark. The smoke's flavor is fruity, mild and sweet. Pairs well with beef, pork and chicken.

Pecan Pellets

Made of 60% debarked red oak and 40% pecan with bark. Strong, nutty smoke flavor that pairs well with beef, pork and chicken.

Beech Pellets

Made of 60% debarked red oak and 40% beech with bark. Beech wood is the traditional wood used in German smokehouses. It can be used with everything and pairs especially well with fish.

Alder Pellets

Made of 60% debarked red oak and 40% Alder with bark. Alder is also a traditional wood used in German smokers goes well with all foods, even sensitive vegetables.

Grillson Pelletguide

Wood Type Smoke Characteristics Pairs especially well with:
Maple Mild smoke with a sweet note. Pork, poultry, game birds
Applewood Lightly sweet and fruity (but of course, not like apples); very versatile. The most popular fruit tree wood for BBQers. Pork, poultry, fish (especially salmon), vegetables. Common for smoking bacon and ham in the US.
Beech The classic flavor behind the smoked fish and many smoked sausage and ham specialties you find in Germany. All meats, fish, vegetables
Oak Intense smoke aroma, but not "overpowering," gourmet chili fans recognize the flavor from Pimentón de la Vera - the spice that gives Spanish chorizo its kick. Red ripened jalapeños are smoked with oak to make this classic Spanish spice. Beef, lamb, sausage, vegetables, chili peppers (even mild varieties)
Hickory Typical bacon aroma like you find in the USA. Beef, pork, lamb, ribs
Cherry Lightly sweet and fruity, a bit heavier than apple wood, but still rather mild. All meats (especially white meats like pork, veal and poultry), fish
Pecan Nutty and sweet, similar to hickory, but not so intense, so there's less of a chance that the smoke's aroma will be too strong. Lamb, pork, turkey, fish and also good for smoking jalapeños and other chili peppers, e.g. NuMex Las Cruces Cayenne
Alder Discreet and sweet Fish, poultry, lamb and vegetables

What Bob Grillson and Leif Grillson don't like

Most importantly: damp pellets look like dry pellets! Damp pellets undermine Bob and Leif's performance very considerably. Always make sure to store your pellets where they won't be exposed to moisture, e.g. in our Pellet Bucket. If you're not sure, use fresh pellets from a new bag.

Industrial pellets, pellets of unknown origin, leftover pellets as well as fragments, dust, etc. don't belong in Bob and Leif's pellet funnel. They will lead to temporary drops in performance and could even lead to the burner going out. Please refrain from dumping the dust and small fragments at the bottom of the pellet bags into the pellet container along with the pellets.

"I had a some problems, because I didn't use the right pellets. The grill went out and had extreme fluctuations in temperature. I have now tested it with your original pellets and go figure - works like a charm!" Sven G. - Germany

There are also some barbecue pellets that are a little on the short side. Normal pellets have a diameter of 1/4 in (6 mm) and are just under 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch (10 - 20 mm) long. The shorter pellets are very short compared to these and are rather crumbly. We have found out that pellets that are too short don't work very well at all.

Finally, there are grill pellets, that are designed to deliver an extremely intense smoke flavor. These are made from single-origin woods with their bark. Although these pellets produce maximum smoke flavor due to their high percentage of bark, but they leave a great deal of residual ash and sometimes even cinders in the burner (because, among other impurities, there is sand in the bark). These types of pellets, e.g. our Smoke Pellets, are not designed for use in our burner. Instead, you can use these pellets in our Smoke Diffusor or can be used to briefly add some smoky flavor to steaks, e.g. in our Smoketool. For smoking or grilling over long periods of time, we recommend using our Barbecue Pellets with the 40% portion of wood with bark. These give you the flavor you want and don't impair the performance of our burners. You can get that smoky aroma by using our Smoke Pellets in the Smoke Diffusor or Smoke Tool.

Pay attention to the minimum standards

Pellet norm logos

Bobs and Leif's minimum standards are wood pellets that comply with the following norms

  • DIN+ (Germany)
  • ÖNORM M 7135 (Austria)
  • SWISSPELLET (Switzerland)

For technical reasons, pellet grills function optimally at these standards and will insure a long life for your grill. Still, even with pellets of this quality, pellet leftovers, fragments and dust shouldn't find its way into the pellet funnel.

Flavor is a function of the type of pellet.

Pellet bag

Now we're talking about good taste. 99% of wood pellets in Europe - especially if they comply with the standards mentioned above - are manufactured from soft woods like pine and spruce. Nobody grills or smokes with spruce or pine, because its high resin content doesn't provide a good flavor at all.

Nevertheless, in Bob and Leif's very efficient burners, these pellets will burn almost smoke-free, so that there's nothing wrong with the resulting flavor. In the case that you want to try these type of pellets, simply take a hand full and smell them. If the smell is pleasant and not too resinous, they should be okay. Otherwise, you shouldn't even consider them.

Grillson Premium Barbecue Pellets sind die beste Wahl

When it comes to flavor, hardwood pellets should be your first choice. When you're smoking, you should also use hardwood varieties like beech and not coniferous woods. We have chosen our barbecue quality Grillson Premium Barbecue Pellets and Smoke Pellets from select manufacturers after first carrying out thorough quality inspections. With Grillson pellets, you can be sure of getting the very results from your pellet grill. If you want to take full advantage of all the barbecue flavor Bob and Leif have to offer, there is no substitute for Grillson Premium Barbecue and Smoke Pellets.

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