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Bob Grillson - perfect results every time

We had a dream, to build a perfect grill. Today, with pride and joy, we are excited to announce that we have achieved our goal, and we introduce Bob Grillson and Bob Grillson Premium.

Pellet grill Bob Grillson - Every time perfect grill

With Bob Grillson, we have created a device that gives you not only one, but three professional devices in one: a smoker, a grill, and a pizza oven. Bob is designed to provide a temperature range from 210 °F to 800 °F, enabling you to prepare perfect food whether you use Bob as an offset smoker, BBQ-style, or as an Italian wood-fired pizza oven. No matter what, you will be able to present delicious food every time.

Bob is the first grill you can control from your phone

Pellet grill with app control For the first time ever, at any time, you have full control over your grill and your grilled goods. By owning a Bob, you always know the cooking point of your food. You are able to set your desired temperatures, and you never have to worry about either under or overcooking your meat again. The two integrated meat thermometers combined with your smartphone app, guarantee that you got perfect results every time.

The ramping function, which reduces the heating power of the grill right before it reaches your desired temperature, is a unique and ingenious function that you won’t find anywhere else. The ramping function provides the security that you will never overcook your grilled goods again.

Because different people enjoy different cooking grades for their meat, like either medium-rare or medium, we added not one, but two meat thermometers to ensure that you can satisfy each of your individual guests preferences.

beer can chicken pellet grill

We want you to enjoy time with your friends and family, or work on preparing food, instead of having to babysit the grill outside while it slowly reaches the desired temperature? For the first time, you no longer have to do that, because your phone will alert you when your requested setting is completed. With the app dashboard, you are in full control at any time, giving you the ability to focus on your guests, instead of waiting by the grill outside. Now you can even smoke, BBQ, or grill during the winter time without having to spend long amounts of time outside in the cold.

pizza pellet grill

Temperature control fully automatic

Pellet grill with automatic temperature control

The US version of Bob Grillson is produced with a Fahrenheit scale and lid thermometer.

Unlike any other grill, our unique technology guarantees that the temperature will be held constant at all times. A thermostat is installed to both control and display the grill room temperature.

Two thirds of the grill surface is heated indirectly, while one third is heated by radiation. This combination creates the ideal mixture of radiation and convection heat, which provides an extended grill surface without unhealthy fat burn.

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