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Bob Grillson Design

Beauty and the Beef

Let Bob’s unique, award winning design amaze and enthral you with its perfect elegance and innovative functionality!

Bob Grillson - Unique Design

A clear, concise structure, first-class, quality construction and the use of high-quality materials come together with shapely curves and precise alignment to create an attractive, sophisticated overall impression.

"Perfection in Design & Funktion. A Superlative Grill!" Fire & Food - The Grill- & Barbecue-Magazine, 2/2010

Pellet grill - lid and pellet funnel

The grill itself, made of rustproof, glass pearl blasted stainless steel (1.5 mm), gives Bob an elegant and robust exterior, making him easy on the eyes and a stylish companion throughout every season of the year. Its double-walled, insulated lid is a work of artistic craftsmanship, created lovingly by hand and finished without any unsightly screws or seams. The housing, made of galvanized steel sheet with a uniform, 2 mm gap is available in two attractive, powder-coated color schemes: elegant in pure white/lime green or classic in deep black/anthracite. Both allow Bob to cut a handsome figure on your patio and blend in harmoniously with its outdoor environment

"If Apple built a grill, this is probably what it would look like." arktis.de, 06/2011

Pellet grill - lid

Bob’s solid wooden sideboard is crafted from carefully-oiled, solid bamboo. Even though it is easily removable, you can assuredly rest quite a lot on this cutting board, which is nearly 2 in thick (5 cm) and over 15 lbs (7 kg) in weight. When not in use, you can stow it in Bob's housing, in its own perfectly tailored storage space. The natural wooden handle on the grill’s hefty lid always gives you a feel of its solid construction. The large wheels provide mobility. The massive dials give you absolute control. Bob stands self-confidently with both feet on the ground and displays quality of design down to the last detail.

Award winning design, with functionality!

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