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Smoke Kit

Smoking and warm smoking - also for charcoal and gas grills! The practical Grillson Smoke Kit includes our Smokebox, three varieties of our Smoke Pellets (according to availability: enjoy the surprise!) and a Grillson Gas Torch Lighter for getting things started.

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You can give everything you grill the classic, smoky aroma of beech wood, real Texas BBQ flavor with Hickory or many more, wonderful smoky flavors - even on a charcoal or gas grill. Warm smoking at approx. 85 to 120 °F (30 to 50 °C) is easier than ever, because your grill doesn't even have to be ignited! Simply fill the Smokebox with the Grillson Smoke Pellets of your choice, light them quickly and easily with the handy, gas torch lighter and close the lid on the box. Water/watering is unnecessary. With a burning time of approx. 2.5 hours, your food will take on the finest of aromas. Want something special? Create your own, personal favorite combination from our broad selection of Smoke Pellets. You can mix them together - no problem!