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Smoke Pellets - Hickory 100%

The Grillson Smoke Pellets Hickory with its delicious bacon flavor - simply great with beef, pork and chicken.

100% Natural! Our Grillson Smoke Pellets are, of course, additive-free and provide this delicious, special smoky aroma to all grilled foods.

For use with all grills:

  • Gas grill: Fill a smoke box with the Grillson Smoke Pellets and ignite - done! You get the best results with a closed grill.

  • Charcoal grill (briquette grill): When the charcoal is glowing hot, sprinkle a few of the dry smoke pellets directly on the glowing coals. Here, you also get the best results with a closed lid. Ideally, you should limit the airflow from the lower vent to a minimum and open the upper vent.

  • Open charcoal grill: Add a few dry Smoke Pellets directly on the glowing hot coals.

  • Smoker: according to your taste, use some Grillson Smoke Pellets instead of smoke chips.

The Grillson Smoke Pellets are also ideal for use with the Grillson Smoke Tool and the Smoke Diffusor.