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Smoke Pellets

We all love that smoky flavor meat, fish and vegetables acquire when they're grilled. Our ancestor's legacy of cooking their meals over open fires for thousands of years is still with us today.

This is why we now also offer Smoke Pellets alongside our Premium Barbecue Pellets in 2 lb. (1.3 kg) cans. Even if you grill with a charcoal, gas or electric grill, you can give your food that added, smoky deliciousness with any of our 14 different types of wood. Just fill our smoke diffusor, our smoke tool or our smoke box with the Grillson Smoke Pellets, ignite and you're ready!

Now, we offer 14 different varieties and mixtures out of 100% single-origin wood with bark included. The bark gives the smoke its extra flavorful aroma. With a selection of maple, apple, beech, oak, hickory, cherry, mesquite, and pecan as well as garlic, rosemary, Mexican pepper and the maple/beech/cherry, maple/hickory/cherry and oak/hickory/cherry blends, we have all the bases covered.